Educate Out Prejudice EDIF Project


6 pieces of video that were created have been a huge success gaining positive feedback at internal and external events.

We made the decision early on that we didn’t want to produce a documentary or promotional film. The main aim was to produce content for lessons, awareness raising and staff development.  If each film could be used for all three purposes that was ideal. Commissioningdefinition of the film was key;  we were exceptionally fortunate in finding a film maker who used animation and taught ESOLdefinition. A fairly free rein was given to the film maker, just keeping the focus on the aims as it’s easy to fall into “talking heads” and promotion for the project.

3 short interviews were specifically designed for particular lessons in the ESOL curriculum.

A brief film following the activities during LGBT history month which was a useful promotional tool during the project.

One animation used the voice and life experience of a student in an entry ESOL class discussing LGBT activism in Kyrgyzstan.

A white board animation was created to clarify the reasons that colleges collect personal data. This arose from consultation with staff, when we realised that most staff had little or no knowledge of why we collect data and how we use it and so felt unable to reassure or discuss data collection with students.

One of the reasons for the success of the animation in particular, is the medium itself. Animation with striking images including text and voice over, is generally accessible and a good tool for students with lower levels of English as key words can be picked for further investigation and reinforced – image, text, verbal.


Educate Out Prejudice       

LGBT History Month film and introduction to the project. Educate Out Prejudice, Promoting LGBT in the Classdefinition Room. Funded by the Skill Funding Agency and supported by the Equalitydefinition and Diversity Innovation Fund through NIACEdefinition.                                                                    


LGBT activism in Kyrgyzstan

Small but solid steps, LGBT activism in Kyrgyzstan, a students story.


Why do we collect your data?

Why all these questions? A short animation explaining the reasons that colleges ask so many questions


Let's Talk About Weddings - Part 1

Interview with a gay couple who remember the best moments of their wedding day. This is meant for ESOL classroom use to enable discussion and preparation the discussion part of relevant ESOL speaking exams.


Let's Talk About Weddings - Part 2

Interview with a gay man who remembers the best moments of his wedding day. This is meant for ESOL classroom use to enable discussion and those preparing presentations for ESOL speaking exams.


Let's Talk About Childcare

Interview with a gay parent who talks about how adoption changed his life. This is meant for ESOL Childcare course classroom use to enhance awareness and enable discussion about the diversity of parents bringing up children.

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