Sexual Orientation and Gender identity LGBT Project

Havering College’s work in relation to Sexual Orientation and Genderdefinition Equalitydefinition has addressed a number of the key identified barriers to learning for LGBT students outlined in the Skills Funding Agency’s research into Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality in FEdefinition (2011). The project has been student led as can be seen from our blogs which have been predominantly entered by the LGBT students themselves. Three of the LGBT group along with myself and Lorri Garnell the key youth worker for the project delivered a presentation at the AOC conference on the 24TH June outlining the way in which the project has had a positive impact on retention and achievement and ways in which sexual orientation and gender identity can be imbedded in the curriculum.

Outcomes for the project to date include:

  • 90% of the college`s Quality Team and over 100 staff have received anti homophobic training.
  • The College will introduce sexual orientation and gender identity as compulsory training for all teaching observers from September 2014.
  • Two creative art workshops have been held resulting in positive promotional materials to promote the College as LGBT friendly and inclusive, see our blog.  
  • Workshops delivered cross curriculum and within gender stereotyped courses such as Hair & Beauty, Engineering & Motor Mechanics with further workshops scheduled for next academic year.
  • The Forum were represented at our steering group meeting increasing our knowledge and awareness of other projects and materials. We also had an article published in their newsletter which further encouraged the students.
  • Working with a partner agency in the third sector to enhance services targeted at LGBT young people. This association has been instrumental in recruiting students who subsequently feel welcomed and included and able to focus on their education in a safe and supportive environment. 
  • LGBT students represented on the schools promotional video, on the college website and on student portal.
  • Taking recruitment to LGBT forums/partners.
  • The students are able to Influence policies through attendances at Equality & Diversity Group and the Student Governor Liaison Group.

The work continues and has gained momentum with every success. The LGBT group are now eagerly looking forward to the dissemination days.


Students presenting at AoCdefinition Conference on 24th June 2014.