What makes a good equality and diversity resource?

Respondents to the 2014 Resources Review Survey identified the following criteria for what makes a 'good' equality and diversity resource for teaching, learning and assessment.

The criteria below are listed in order of priority (i.e. the most frequently selected appear at the top of the list):

  1. Relevant to learners’ needs and context

  2. Accessible to learners at all levels

  3. Engaging for learners

  4. Provokes discussion/challenges commonly held views

  5. Reliable source (e.g. recognised organisation)

  6. Interactive 

  7. Promotes diversity

  8. Adaptable 

  9. Up-to-date

  10. Refers to legislation

  11. Illustrated 

  12. Avoids stereotypes

  13. Includes practical examples/suggestions

  14. Other:

      • Variety of activities

      • Includes common statistics

      • Includes real examples

      • Balanced view

      • In-depth

      • Meets Ofsted requirements

      • Cheap

      • Available in multiple formats

      • Accessible for learners with learning difficulties

What are your criteria?

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